Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Catchy Title Goes Here

I am always trying to come up with a catchy {Is that even a real word?  My brain isn't really working right now} title for a post & they don't always come.............like tonight.  I hate those moments when something is right on the edge of your tongue and it just doesn't come so you are left looking like a complete fool.  That happens to me pretty much in every aspect of my life.  But of course with my kids & my friends it is usually HILARIOUS.  I am just over all the HATERS who seem to be out to make my life difficult & are the ones that are just MEAN.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.  Sorry.  Over it.  Promise.

Anywho.  Onto the best thing of the day today............BUBBLES!!!  Each time I give my kids new seats I strip all the table of their names & get out my FAV soap - DIAL.  The orange kind.  Original.  Been looking to buy it in bulk but can't seem to find it ANYWHERE.  The kids have a ball.  The room seems wonderful.  The table get clean & disinfected.  Everyone wins!!

My kiddos were so excited about their new places but I actually gave several of my kids their old spots from the beginning of school.  I just explained to them that my brain must think that those are the best seats in the room for them.  They were all a little chatty afterwards so I hope I don't have to move them again.

Are persuasive writing is coming along!  I can't wait to post some of the kiddos work.  My student teacher has had some really cute ideas for this! 

We are currently doing all thing penguins in science with a side trip to Groundhog Day.  Can't wait to see what the kiddos come up with!!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Breathe........just breathe

It has been yet another crazy week in 1st grade!!  I mean EVERYTHING is all topsy turvy!!!!  The weather has been up to 68 degrees when it should be around freezing......I don't know what is gonna happen if these kids don't get a snow day soon!!  They are liable to start tearing down the school.....


We cannon balled dove into persuasive writing like some crazy writin'  fools!  The kids are starting to get the hang of it & we had several days with lots of interesting words used in our writing which makes me very excited to see where this will lead to!  I hope to get some pictures of their job applications that they will be doing next week.  They are going to 'persuade' me to hire them for their new classroom job.  A big fat thanks to my student teacher for that one!!!

On to other school news............................

Our school is a 'new' school {this is our 4th year} so we are beginning our state accreditation self assessment & writing our School Improvement Plan from scratch.  YAY.  It is going to be a crazy couple of months putting together those documents & preparing for state tests & DEA tests & weekly tests & you know somewhere in there get in some teaching................including all the paperwork that involves. 

I am dreaming of summer already!!

Hoping for a restful.....event less......weekend!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012


The 100th day of school is/was Friday!! {depending on how you look at it}  Do you count how many full days you have attended school or go by the school calendar, even if there are snow days & we don't make them up?  That argument happened again this year.  Anywho.............

So we made banners for the kids at the car rider line & bus line.  I have to admit the one for the car rider line was painted & hung with much more care than the one for the bus doors.  Don't know why but it just sort of happened that way.  The plan was for EVERYONE in the school to dress up as they were 100 years old.  We had some really good participants!!  One of our coaches dressed in his daily UT junk attire so of course I had to ask about his dressing up ability and his responds was pointing to the words on his shirt and stating, "we were good 100 years ago."  So happy he was finally able to admit that!

The second grade is about 100 kids in total so they each took home a number to decorate.  They hung this 100s board out in the 1st/2nd grade hall.

Here is me & my first grade BFF {she would die if she knew I posted this picture........I haven't told her about the blog yet so SHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!}  I have so many that I consider to be BFFs I have to give each one their own special label!  P.S. One of my kiddos asked, "How'd you get just a little bit of gray in your hair?"

If you haven't heard of the author of the book that I am reading you should check him out!  Lester Laminack is the name & reading is his game.  I really am sorry for that last sentence.  Too much.

Here are some pics of the kiddos doing activities that were found on Pinterest & TPT.

Hope your 100th day of school is fun and full of all things 100!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It seems like my life has become a never ending.......back to back.........rush from meeting to meeting!!  Between pacing guides, DEA Benchmarks, AdvancED/School Improvement, student teaching supervisor I don't know where I am supposed to plan, teach or be a mom {Husband is OTR..........didn't want to it to seem like I left him off the list}!  AHHHHHH!!!!!

Ok now that that is totally out of my system..........I am sitting here blog hoppin'/Facebookin'/Pinterestin' when I should be grading & recording.........seeing how it is already just minutes away from 11 p.m. and I promised myself a clean kitchen & an early bedtime.  RATS.

So many things to share...........so not so many minutes to share them in. 

I am currently working on my classroom website & hope to post some pictures of my classroom environment which I am randomly OCD about.  Just little things like straight lines.  Traffic flow.  Book organization. The insides of cabinets/closets/drawers.  I am ALL ABOUT finding things that work for you and your students but............I don't mind sharing my opinion as a way of encouraging others to come over to the dark side of random OCD.

Until then.............

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day In My Shoes......Linky

This is my first Linky Party!!  So excited!!  Even though 6th grade seems so far from first grade I really enjoy the blog Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher!!
Each day seems to have it's own routine so I am just gonna go with what is 'planned' for Tuesday since we are out tomorrow.

5:45    First of 3 alarms go off.  I always have the intent of getting out of bed early so that things are not so chaotic but it RARELY happens.

6:00    Snoozing again

6:15    Should really get up now.......I NEVER hit snooze until I married Husband.  Now it's an everyday thing.  Grrrr.

6:something-ish   Get in the shower

7:30    Grabbing C out of his crib to head to Nana's for the day {we live next door....sort of}.  Call Husband on the way to school.....his job is out of town so we talk on the phone A LOT!!

8:00    Arrive at school.........it takes about 14 minutes as long as I don't come across any tractors/school buses/cops.  {run out in the hall to talk to..........well any adult who seems free}

8:05    Kiddos arrive ready for morning work.

8:15    Pledge & Announcements {can't forget to do my attendance}

8:30    Kiddos head to the carpet ready for Morning Meeting & Daily 5.  I have taken some of Debbie Dillers stuff & merged it with Daily 5 {right now we are not doing Read to Someone}. 

9:30    Phone call from the Data Clerk.......SHOOT!! Forgot to do attendance! Grrr!!

9:55-10:25    Title kids are pulled out & we are not allowed to do any new teaching during this time.

10:25    Writer's Workshop

11:00-11:25    Lunch........I sometimes eat in my room or my first grade friend's room or my second grade friend's room or later in the day.

11:25    Math {district requires 90 minutes uninterrupted}

1:00    Social Studies/Science

1:28 - 2:20    Related Arts........this is planning & I try to get as much done as my mouth will let me!!

2:20    Free choice centers

2:55    Kiddos pack up & prep room for the next day.........for some reason it takes me reminding the kids A LOT during this time of day.

3:20    All kids are out of my room but car riders are all out in the hall right outside my door so I head down to another classroom to hang out for a few till they are gone.  Then head back to my room to do some classroom stuff.

4:00    Zooming out of the parking lot on my way to my sister in law's to pick up C {Nana has piano students on Tuesday afternoons}.  I always bring stuff home but never seem to get to it. Talk to Husband on the way.

4:30    Back home with C getting supper/dishes/house stuff/playing/reading booksetc. 

7:30    Call Husband then back to Nana's for NCIS Tuesday!!  C stays all night almost every Tuesday so he is already in his jammies!!

10-ish    Home but now I am on FB/Pinterest/Blogs/Email and talking to Husband.  Go to sleep somewhere around 11 p.m. - 2 a.m..........never sleep good when Husband is gone...........never sleep good when Husband is home {he SNORES}.

Well there it is.  Mostly.  Lots of excitement!!

Can't wait to read about other's days!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grinch Day

Here are some pics from our Grinch Day the Wednesday before Christmas break!!

Our writing......How to make the Grinch grin?!

And here is one of my kiddos dressed as a Who working on a text-to-self connection to How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  What made the Grinch grumpy......What makes you grumpy?


Days have gone by......ok so weeks have gone by since my last post.  Lots have happen.  First things first.....we got a student teacher on Thursday and a little more than an hour later I PASSED OUT.  No....REALLY!!!  When I asked what happened one of my kiddos said, "You just went to sleep Mrs. Dennis!"  Long story short I still feel like I have been run over by a truck but am doing much better than yesterday. {Thank goodness for snow day #2!!} This has been rough on Husband too since he is away and can't be here during this CRAZY time!

But on to some school news......

This is my first experience with a student teacher in my classroom and I am super excited!!  She seems very lovely {well in the short time we have spent together} and I can't wait to get down into the trenches with her!!

Before the craziness of Thursday creeped up on us we were doing some spelling word chants and I the quote of the day just fell into my lap!

Student 1:  What is a mule?
Me:  It is a cross between a horse and a donkey but it looks more like a horse than a donkey.
Student 2:  Wouldn't that make it a honkey Mrs. Dennis?
Me: Why yes, yes it would!

I was so excited about doing some MLK Jr. activities that I found on Pintrest on Friday but they will now have to wait till Monday.  I am hoping to take the fancy camera to school so that I can post some pictures here as well as my classroom website!!

Until then.....

Monday, January 2, 2012


WAHOOOOO!!!  We will have officially use our first snow day {out of 13} tomorrow.....which was supposed to be our first day back from Christmas break.  I wonder if we will still have to have our grades in by 10 a.m.?  I finally got it all graded and in PowerTeacher but haven't done anything else that is required to have reportcards ready to print.  {We got a 3 page memo on how to do this!!}  This also means I will officially have time to do my nine week plans!  I so hope to get them done tomorrow!!