Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day In My Shoes......Linky

This is my first Linky Party!!  So excited!!  Even though 6th grade seems so far from first grade I really enjoy the blog Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher!!
Each day seems to have it's own routine so I am just gonna go with what is 'planned' for Tuesday since we are out tomorrow.

5:45    First of 3 alarms go off.  I always have the intent of getting out of bed early so that things are not so chaotic but it RARELY happens.

6:00    Snoozing again

6:15    Should really get up now.......I NEVER hit snooze until I married Husband.  Now it's an everyday thing.  Grrrr.

6:something-ish   Get in the shower

7:30    Grabbing C out of his crib to head to Nana's for the day {we live next door....sort of}.  Call Husband on the way to school.....his job is out of town so we talk on the phone A LOT!!

8:00    Arrive at takes about 14 minutes as long as I don't come across any tractors/school buses/cops.  {run out in the hall to talk to..........well any adult who seems free}

8:05    Kiddos arrive ready for morning work.

8:15    Pledge & Announcements {can't forget to do my attendance}

8:30    Kiddos head to the carpet ready for Morning Meeting & Daily 5.  I have taken some of Debbie Dillers stuff & merged it with Daily 5 {right now we are not doing Read to Someone}. 

9:30    Phone call from the Data Clerk.......SHOOT!! Forgot to do attendance! Grrr!!

9:55-10:25    Title kids are pulled out & we are not allowed to do any new teaching during this time.

10:25    Writer's Workshop

11:00-11:25    Lunch........I sometimes eat in my room or my first grade friend's room or my second grade friend's room or later in the day.

11:25    Math {district requires 90 minutes uninterrupted}

1:00    Social Studies/Science

1:28 - 2:20    Related Arts........this is planning & I try to get as much done as my mouth will let me!!

2:20    Free choice centers

2:55    Kiddos pack up & prep room for the next day.........for some reason it takes me reminding the kids A LOT during this time of day.

3:20    All kids are out of my room but car riders are all out in the hall right outside my door so I head down to another classroom to hang out for a few till they are gone.  Then head back to my room to do some classroom stuff.

4:00    Zooming out of the parking lot on my way to my sister in law's to pick up C {Nana has piano students on Tuesday afternoons}.  I always bring stuff home but never seem to get to it. Talk to Husband on the way.

4:30    Back home with C getting supper/dishes/house stuff/playing/reading booksetc. 

7:30    Call Husband then back to Nana's for NCIS Tuesday!!  C stays all night almost every Tuesday so he is already in his jammies!!

10-ish    Home but now I am on FB/Pinterest/Blogs/Email and talking to Husband.  Go to sleep somewhere around 11 p.m. - 2 a.m..........never sleep good when Husband is gone...........never sleep good when Husband is home {he SNORES}.

Well there it is.  Mostly.  Lots of excitement!!

Can't wait to read about other's days!!


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  1. I get that nice little phone call from my secretary quite often too!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher