Thursday, February 23, 2012

Australia Day & Money, money, monnnnney!

Came home to this BEAUTIFUL box in the mail today!!!  My Aussie bestie sent this to me in remembrance of Australia Day!!  I am so EXCITED to break into this stuff!!!  The Caramello Koalas are one of my favs!!!  {Just a little fam moved to Aus for a senior year of high school.}

But I must now move on to math.........................  Here are the charts that we made this past week for our money unit.  The kids had a BLAST recalling all the info they could to help us identify each coin.

We have also been practicing adding pennies, nickles, and dimes {quarters will come next week} using something I tweaked a tiny bit {only because I was doing it from what I remember from the night before while creeping blogs}.  I tried to find the original again later but never ran across it.  If you know where it came from please let me know so I can give a shout out!

This activity progressed as the week went on.
Day 1 = working by themselves on 1/2 a sheet adding pennies & nickles
Day 2 = working with shoulder partners on 1/2 a sheet adding pennies & nickles
Day 3 = working with face partners on a full sheet adding pennies & nickles
Day 4 = working with diagonal partners on a full sheet adding pennies, nickles & dimes {this took 2 days}
Can't wait to add quarters!!  Then I am going to move this into a couple of math station tubs.

Moving on to measurement starting Monday.  We are also gearing up for  da da ta da.......Dr. Seuss week!  So far the plans are to go see The Lorax on Friday!!!!!!  This will be our first field trip this year.........can't really contain myself!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah.  That's 'bout all I got so far.



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    1. Thank you for the honor! You warmed my heart tonight!!!

  2. Hi Heather...Looks like 1st Grade minds think alike:) We have the same blog name!!! Aren't "Firsties" the best??? I'm your newest follower:)
    1st GRADE ROCKS!!!

  3. Firsties are the best.....even though I was forced kicking and screaming into first!! I really don't have ANY desire to go back to K. My blog title was my theme last year {my first in first}. Thanks for following!!