Sunday, February 5, 2012

Total Randomness

As time goes by you might notice that I am a fan of total randomness.  I am total randomness most of the time.  So here is just a little of my day................I will try to keep it order as best that I can.

First TURKEYS.........
I get a phone call from my mom on her way to church telling me I have more than 20 turkeys in my front yard & since I have pictures of the bears and deers that frequent my yard I need to get a pictures of the turkeys.

It was still foggy at 9:30 this morning, but I was able to get a little bit better picture.  Then the EMS station at the bottom of the ridge decided that they had an emergency and scared the birds away with their nasty loud sirens.  Sadness.  I wanted more pictures.........with the good camera............that lives at my parents house at the top of the ridge..........all I have is a point and shoot.

Notice the fence posts?  My brother is building a fence on our land to keep some of my dad's cows........which means I won't have to help clear it again so that we don't lose our view.  WhaaaHOOOOO!!!! {It's of a river valley when the fog isn't there.}

Second TISSUES.............
C is sick & we have gone through 1 1/2 large boxes of tissues TODAY!!!!  Thank goodness I always buy Puffs Plus with Lotion or his little nose would be completely RAW.  Poor little man!!  {We used 1/2 a pack of Boogie Wipes too  I.LOVE.BOOGIE WIPES.}

Third CHEESE.................
Tonight was of course the SUPER BOWL!!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!! Boy was that a nail biter or WHAT?! So anywho.  Our Super Bowl Sr. High youth group party is always at the same place & we always have hot wings (ewww) and I make the cheese dip {rotel, velveeta, sausage, milk}.  Before I made it to the kitchen to get some food one of the boys was scraping the bottom of my biggest soup pot clean of the dip.  Oh well.  What they don't know is I kept some at home for lunch tomorrow!  I learned that lesson years ago!!

Fourth FOOTBALL & FACEBOOK......................
So while browsing FB while trying not to lose my mind during the last quarter of the game I see that one of my friends from Australia has posted a picture of a hotdog, fries, & a Miller saying he is enjoying the game.  Such a SHOCK since he is a die hard footy fan.  It was so good to talk to him about football again!

Fifth {and last I hope} BEDSPREAD......................
I have been looking for a bedspread for our bed for years.  It has to be a bedspread because the size of my bed.  It's weird I know.  But anyway so I finally found one!!  At JCPENNY!!  Yay!  I am so excited because it doesn't look 'county'.

Okay.  That is all of my randomness for today.  Stay tuned for new episodes coming soon!!


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