Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daily 5

I am diving deeper into Daily 5 this year {but of course it is a tweaked version to fit our classroom & schedule}.  Here are the options that my students have to choose from each day.   They also have a contract that has all their options on it and their spelling words for the week.  They use their contract to record what they have worked on each day.  This helps to hold them accountable for their  learning.  As you can see in the pictures below they keep all works in progress and their contract on their clipboards.  These are kept in their book boxes.  Anything that is a finished paper product goes into a basket that gets checked & sent home stapled together with their contract on the following Monday.  They get a weekly participation grade for their work during Daily 5.
Here are the kiddos working during the first rotation on Thursday.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games & Blog Award

OH MY!!!  HOLY SNAPITO!!!!!  Just got home from the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games!!!  I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire movie!!! Can't wait to see it again!!!  Maybe I will drag Husband to the theatre when he gets home.  No I am not going to spoil anything by giving away the details...............even though I want to chat about it something fierce. {It is a must see so get off the computer & GO!!!}

Sarah over at MACKY'S CLASSROOM awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks for the sweet words Sarah!!  I hope to pass on the award soon!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Too many topics to list......

So I keep meaning to post every much going on.............which means no extra it never happened.  Things that are posted are in no particular order.  In fact things will be in the order that they pop in my head so that is your fair warning.

Grades were done & verification reports printed BEFORE the deadline today!!  That is a big WAH-HOO!!!  Grade cards go home Wednesday & conferences are Thursday.  Yay.  I have to build myself up for those this year.  The majority of my parents are not fans of mine.  Which made making PreK-4 teacher of the year for my school this year was such a BOO-YAH in yo' face moment. {don't usually toot my horn like that but sometimes it just has to escape}

AdvancED.  That is becoming an eye-rolling, huffing & puffing, you have got to be kidding me kind of word.  Too many hours, too much money that give us NOTHING.  Anywho.  Narrative due tomorrow for that.  Guess that is what I will be doing during my 'lunch break'.

ST. PATTY'S DAY.  Found these ideas on Pintrest {I think} & tweaked them a little.  Would love to give credit to where it is due but I can't find it anywhere!!  GRRRRR.  We didn't do a ton of stuff for St. Patty's but we did wear green & read some books & of course lots of writing.  The kids LOVED it though.

C & I have been sick..........lots of snot & coughing.  We are both almost better!!  FINALLY.  Hopefully it will last for a while.

We have also worked on synonyms & antonyms this past week.  Got a few pics of a synonym activity from the Fountas & Pinnell Phonics series that I use in my room.

Seems like I had so much more to say but apparently my brain has shut down & I can no longer think about what has been going on over the last couple of days.  Oh well.  Maybe more to come later.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Crazies

It all started with my wee one waking himself up coughing @ 5:30 a.m. and asking for mommy.  I would start to get up............he would stop coughing...........I will almost be snoozing again...........he would start coughing. Such a nice vicious cycle.  I finally jumped in the shower, got dressed, & went to get the rascal.  He was ready to go by the time I opened his door.  I took his cough meds with me.  As I picked him up out of his crib, I ask if he was ready for his medicine & he said yup.  That was my sign that he did NOT feel good at all.  We went back to my room where he got all snuggly in my bed with a book & choo choo {Thomas} on the TV.  Thank goodness Nana came down to get him or I wouldn't have made it to school on time!! 

Things are sneaking up on me at school.  Things that are fast approaching:
     - end of quarter
     - DEA quarter testing
     - new quarter behavior chart/snack chart
     - report cards
     - conferences
     - AdvancED pre-visit

So the end of the day today I am standing outside our office with my 2nd load kiddos waiting for them to call for them to be dismissed and I am thinking "GEEZ what is taking so stinkin' long?"  One of the other teachers says, "Come on, it's 3:18!"  This is when I realize that I, YES ME, am the one who is suppose to be calling buses for our assistant principal since he is out the rest of the week to ref March Madness.  And I thought I had things together by the end of the day!  Everyone needs a good sprint down the hall at the end of the day right?


Monday, March 12, 2012

~ K-2 New Blogs Linky ~

Jeannie over at KINDERGARTEN LIFESTYLE is having a K-2 Linky Party for all new bloggers to connect with each other.  I am so excited to see all the new blogs out there!  Head over and link up with her if you haven't already.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joggin for the Noggin

We have a brain rehab facility {The Crumley House} in our local community that hosted it's very first 5K run/walk.  They were hoping for about 100 participants since this was their first go at this.  As of yesterday they had 330 participants registered and as we were waiting to start they made an announcement that they had over 400 & were still signing people up!!  I know that this really isn't school related but it is.  I organized a group from my school to participate...........that part didn't go so well.  I so wanted a group picture!!!  We had 5 faculty members participating with some family & friends joining us. I did get a picture with my walking buddy & 2nd grade BFF.

It started out pretty cold this morning but it turned into a BEAUTIFUL day.  Isn't this just a beautiful run/walk?  But there is a sad part to my story.  Apparently at the end of the 5K there is a ceremony of sorts.  Well they gave out prizes & I WON but I was not present to collect it so they gave it to someone else.  I was either still on the coarse, in the horse barn, or eating so TECHNICALLY I was still there!!  GRRRR.  I NEVER win anything.  Oh well.  I am just glad they didn't tell me what it was cause then I would have really missed not having it.  I can't wait till next year!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quote of the Day

I finally got my oh so cute headband from Jacks & Kate and wore it for the first time today.  Oh how I wish I would have taken a picture...............anywho.  So this very cute & reversible headband is customized with and H on it.  I was out in the hall first thing this morning {before kids} and a teacher friend passed by and asked.............."What's the H stand for?"  I just stared for a few give her time to let the ? really sink in.  Finally I said slowly Heather.  She just died finally clicked.  You know the laugh.  Starts off loud, then goes away to the silent uncontrolled laughter.  In her defense she does call me by my last name whether we are in school or not & it was early in the morning & she was on a mission & I did tell everyone I saw.


Monday, March 5, 2012

It's that time again!!! Currently w/Farley!!

I love linking to FARLEY!!  Everyone has such cheeky stuff!!  Here is my...............
On to the happenings of today...............
It was so weird without my student teacher floating throughout the room.  I hope that she enjoys 3rd grade as much as she enjoyed 1st!!  Such a HUGE jump!!  I spent the day having church in our room.  Lots of firsties had to clip down today............guess that's what happens when the dingleberry weatherman calls for snow & we get just flakes floating around.  Seriously?!  I mean don't even mention inches & give us flakes!!  Come on!!!!!!  We are running out of the snow day window and I DON'T LIKE IT.  Anywho.

D's are hard words to describe yourself with.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

A week in pictures...........& a few words

It was such a insanely crazy normal week this week!  On Tuesday had 3 week old baby goats visit our class.  They are twins................but not with each other.................please welcome Jill {of Jack & Jill} & Edward {of Edward & Bella}.  I may have mixed up which is which.

Aren't they just the cutest??!!  They were so stinkin' soft too!!!

And of COURSE we just HAD to journal about our visitors while the 3rd graders were hanging out with them.  {A firstie in my class & her brother in the 3rd grade class were so proud to show off their babies!!}

Moving on to Thursday.  I would love to introduce Ms. Tiffany!! She was the bestest student teacher EVER!!  We threw her a surprise thank you..........good luck...........we'll miss you party.  I just KNEW she'd figured it out.  Busted me several times throughout the day/week trying to keep things from her...........but she says she had NO IDEA!!  YAY!!  We all put some things together to help her set up her classroom!!  The kids were so PROUD of their gift & card..............made her tear up!!

As you can see they LOVE Ms. Tiffany & we will all miss her deeply!!

On Friday aka Dr. Seuss's birthday we took a field trip to see THE LORAX!!!  It was AH-MAY-ZING!!!!  We had plans to eat Lorax popcorn {cheddar} & drink Lorax Juice {orange sherbet & Sprite} & eat Dr. Seuss cupcakes {made by Ms. Tiffany} but we had an early dismissal due to the tornado warnings so we just scarfed down the oh so cute cupcakes & ran around like crazies straighten up our room while packing up to leave!!

Such a wild week but hey it's never a dull moment in First!!  How was your Dr. Seuss week of fun?!