Monday, March 19, 2012

Too many topics to list......

So I keep meaning to post every much going on.............which means no extra it never happened.  Things that are posted are in no particular order.  In fact things will be in the order that they pop in my head so that is your fair warning.

Grades were done & verification reports printed BEFORE the deadline today!!  That is a big WAH-HOO!!!  Grade cards go home Wednesday & conferences are Thursday.  Yay.  I have to build myself up for those this year.  The majority of my parents are not fans of mine.  Which made making PreK-4 teacher of the year for my school this year was such a BOO-YAH in yo' face moment. {don't usually toot my horn like that but sometimes it just has to escape}

AdvancED.  That is becoming an eye-rolling, huffing & puffing, you have got to be kidding me kind of word.  Too many hours, too much money that give us NOTHING.  Anywho.  Narrative due tomorrow for that.  Guess that is what I will be doing during my 'lunch break'.

ST. PATTY'S DAY.  Found these ideas on Pintrest {I think} & tweaked them a little.  Would love to give credit to where it is due but I can't find it anywhere!!  GRRRRR.  We didn't do a ton of stuff for St. Patty's but we did wear green & read some books & of course lots of writing.  The kids LOVED it though.

C & I have been sick..........lots of snot & coughing.  We are both almost better!!  FINALLY.  Hopefully it will last for a while.

We have also worked on synonyms & antonyms this past week.  Got a few pics of a synonym activity from the Fountas & Pinnell Phonics series that I use in my room.

Seems like I had so much more to say but apparently my brain has shut down & I can no longer think about what has been going on over the last couple of days.  Oh well.  Maybe more to come later.


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