Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Crazies

It all started with my wee one waking himself up coughing @ 5:30 a.m. and asking for mommy.  I would start to get up............he would stop coughing...........I will almost be snoozing again...........he would start coughing. Such a nice vicious cycle.  I finally jumped in the shower, got dressed, & went to get the rascal.  He was ready to go by the time I opened his door.  I took his cough meds with me.  As I picked him up out of his crib, I ask if he was ready for his medicine & he said yup.  That was my sign that he did NOT feel good at all.  We went back to my room where he got all snuggly in my bed with a book & choo choo {Thomas} on the TV.  Thank goodness Nana came down to get him or I wouldn't have made it to school on time!! 

Things are sneaking up on me at school.  Things that are fast approaching:
     - end of quarter
     - DEA quarter testing
     - new quarter behavior chart/snack chart
     - report cards
     - conferences
     - AdvancED pre-visit

So the end of the day today I am standing outside our office with my 2nd load kiddos waiting for them to call for them to be dismissed and I am thinking "GEEZ what is taking so stinkin' long?"  One of the other teachers says, "Come on, it's 3:18!"  This is when I realize that I, YES ME, am the one who is suppose to be calling buses for our assistant principal since he is out the rest of the week to ref March Madness.  And I thought I had things together by the end of the day!  Everyone needs a good sprint down the hall at the end of the day right?



  1. I can't believe we are almost ready to start the 4th quarter! Just think it won't be long till it's summer:)

  2. I know! So very scary!! So much to do..........so little time.