Sunday, March 4, 2012

A week in pictures...........& a few words

It was such a insanely crazy normal week this week!  On Tuesday had 3 week old baby goats visit our class.  They are twins................but not with each other.................please welcome Jill {of Jack & Jill} & Edward {of Edward & Bella}.  I may have mixed up which is which.

Aren't they just the cutest??!!  They were so stinkin' soft too!!!

And of COURSE we just HAD to journal about our visitors while the 3rd graders were hanging out with them.  {A firstie in my class & her brother in the 3rd grade class were so proud to show off their babies!!}

Moving on to Thursday.  I would love to introduce Ms. Tiffany!! She was the bestest student teacher EVER!!  We threw her a surprise thank you..........good luck...........we'll miss you party.  I just KNEW she'd figured it out.  Busted me several times throughout the day/week trying to keep things from her...........but she says she had NO IDEA!!  YAY!!  We all put some things together to help her set up her classroom!!  The kids were so PROUD of their gift & card..............made her tear up!!

As you can see they LOVE Ms. Tiffany & we will all miss her deeply!!

On Friday aka Dr. Seuss's birthday we took a field trip to see THE LORAX!!!  It was AH-MAY-ZING!!!!  We had plans to eat Lorax popcorn {cheddar} & drink Lorax Juice {orange sherbet & Sprite} & eat Dr. Seuss cupcakes {made by Ms. Tiffany} but we had an early dismissal due to the tornado warnings so we just scarfed down the oh so cute cupcakes & ran around like crazies straighten up our room while packing up to leave!!

Such a wild week but hey it's never a dull moment in First!!  How was your Dr. Seuss week of fun?!


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