Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cleaning Out My Camera & TN Bloggers Meet Up

I know I should've posted this earlier just to give the shout out about it but life gets in the way and it has been a very eventful 2 weeks.  I am so very excited about it though!!!!  Husband got a new driving job and should be home EVERY WEEKEND now!!  So much better than every two months!!!  He is loving this new job & I hope the newness and love of it doesn't fade too soon.  So he is gonna have a boys day out with C while I am meeting up with some new friends!!


We use to have all these rolls of used film lying around the house and drawers of very unorganized photos when I was growing up.  Now I have developed that behavior into a new one of lots of file folders {exploding with photos} on my computer, jump drives full of folders and CDs labeled {mostly} with random dates on it.  Now don't get me wrong I still have boxes of unorganized pictures that need some sort of organization but it is the one project that gets moved around and put on the 'I'll do it on our next break' list.  I must admit that list seems to get longer instead of shorter.  Can't really recall when the last time I was able to mark anything off that list. But anywho........Here are some of random {reeeeeally random} pictures that I took with full intentions of posting about but have they have since lost their meaning.
Time idea off of Pintrest.
 Classroom Behaviors {school wide-ish}
 School wide noise levels {just wanted to say they were in my room first}.
 Writing Center {looks like right after Christmas break}.

I know why I took these next pictures!!!

Our 2 coaches and over in the far left our art teacher are on top of our cafeteria as the official egg droppers.  On Thursday before spring break one of the other 1st grade teachers and I held an egg drop.  The kids were so stinkin' eggscited {couldn't help myself}!!  We had a total of 32 dropped eggs {not everyone brought an egg project} and you will see the ones that survived {minus the one that was broken when trying to get the egg out of the jello and the one that just got thrown away because the firstie didn't want to get down in the peanut butter to see if hers survived or not}.

 We had a nasty nasty storm come through and we had some major flooding in our area {including my brothers house}, trees down {took out my dad's new fence} and hide and seek with our porch furniture.  I also got to play pick up sticks {and branches and logs and.......}.



  1. I love how you did your I Can statements. That's a great idea. So glad we missed that big storm here. It came through, but wasn't as strong. See you this Saturday!!!!

    Kinder Kraziness

  2. Thanks! It was tweaked from one that my firstie BFF did in her room. Her's is long and thin, like a list. I wanted to put mine on the bathroom door. Husband took care of getting it measured and cut for me at Lowe's and we used velcro to hang it so it wouldn't damage the wood. See you SOON!!!