Sunday, April 29, 2012

The DAY has arrived!! {well tomorrow actually}

They are finally here.  State tests will officially begin in my room tomorrow morning at 8:30.  Well technically not state tests but they are but they're not but really they are.

Let me try to explain.......

So in TN grades 3-8 take TCAP tests and this is the first year that the state is requiring 2nd grade to take a state test but they aren't taking the TCAP they are taking the Standford 10. {geez that is a run on sentence BAH}  For YEARS it seems 1st & 2nd grades have taken the Standford as required by our district and because our district opts in for these tests we are required to follow all TCAP protocol as set by the state.  Geez that was a mouthful.

So anywho on to what I really was wanting to say........

I was talking with my mom the other day {I know this doesn't sound like a end to the testing post but just hang with me}.  Ok so I was talking with my mom the other day about how my kids are wild banshees not putting their best foot forward.  She suggested that we "Dress our BEST" on the first day of testing.  You know like you would for a job interview.  She went on to say that when you are dress in this manner you perform better, you act better, you just do BETTER all around.  {p.s. mom's a retired music teacher and has a very strong opinion on dressing professionally}  I LOVED IT!!!  But then it got me thinking about would my kids be inclined to do this everyday during testing??  So of course I had to 'tweak' it and here it is.......

MONDAY - Dress your BEST for the test!
TUESDAY - Favorite Shirt Day {don't you just feel better in your favorite shirt?!}
WEDNESDAY - Wacky Sock Day {the kids don't know it yet but we are going to test without our shoes on.......this happens to be a table reward so it is not too out of the ordinary.}
THURSDAY - 1st Grade t-shirt Day {pulling together as a team for the last day of testing}

I hope this eases their little minds and bodies a wee bit.

I also have special treats for them lined up for each day.  I hope I remember to take pictures all week.  Don' t know if there will be any further posting this week due to the exhaustion of test week.  Oh did I tell you that we have to follow time limits even when the tests say on them THIS IS NOT A TIMED TEST.  AHHHHHH!!

If there is state testing in your future I hope that your wee ones ROCK IT OUT and if you have already done your state testing CONGRATULATIONS!!  It's over!!  And if you don't have state testing SO JEALOUS!!!!



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