Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moths vs. Butterflies

It's that time of year......yeah you know what I am talkin' about..........


So here is the question.............moths or butterflies?????

Here is the cacoon {hint}.  Little One will be revealing itself in 2-4 weeks {hopefully before school is out}.  My assistant is the official Mist-er for Little One since it must be misted everyday {not something I would be good about remembering to do}.  But anywho.  The kids have started their observation journals.  Totally just hit me that we need to name Little One.  This could get interesting.

Since the K kids do Butterflies we {me and my 1stie BFF} chose to do moths.  The kiddos are so excited about our Luna Moth!!!  That was until I told them, as we were researching about the Luna, that our Little One will only live about 10 days.  Sadness fell over our room so of course I had to continue reading about how their only purpose is to make babies lay eggs so the sadness quickly turned into giggles.

Well onto a new topic.

My room {minus my clip chart and calendar board} is completely covered in preparation for the lovely state tests {that 1st is not required to take but our district chooses to take}.  Today we also had our state testing faculty meeting/principal evaluations/AdvanED visit info.  Yay.  I have nothing else to say about that.  Ya'll as excited about these things as I am???


{p.s. I totally added more pictures to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly post}

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