Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stacks of Papers GRADED!!

One of the big pains in my rear end changes when moving {as a teacher} from K to 1st in our system is GRADES.  I have found that I really dislike grading papers.  That sentence really doesn't give justice to how I truly feel about paper grading but I didn't want to be censored for any reason. 


Where is the balance of how many grades taken each week in each subject?  Is it bad that one subject has a TON of grades and the others have just a few? Our system does not have any requirements to how many tests/grades you record.  I am still struggling with this but I am on my way to finding balance.  I try to get at least 1 test grade each week in our 3 areas {Reading, Language Arts, Math}.  They get participation grades each week for their work in stations {it is only 10 points and weighted 1/2 credit}. Which brings me to PowerTeacher grade book.  I do love the fact that we are required to do our grades with this software.  The computer does all the work & the office prints out report cards!!  No averaging, no recording on the report card and best of all NO WHITE OUT!!!

I struggle every week with the fact that they are only firsties don't want to overwhelm with testing & grade taking.  What do your district require you for grading?  How do you handle grading in your class?

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  1. We don't have a limit or set amount either-My rule for myself is, if we haven't practiced that skill- on at least 2 separate lessons- I will only look/correct for accuracy and I won't record a grade..
    side note-
    can't wait til the 14th!!!

    Going Nutty!