Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Small Collection

I try to be as descrete as possible when purchasing items for my classroom.  Not that Husband minds.  Seriously he doesn't!!  But I do feel guilty at times spending so much money on my classroom.  I mean COME ON, what other profession out there has to put so much of their personal money into their job?

I am just realizing that I am not as sneaky as I thought............since this is my SUMMER stock pile located in Husbands room upstairs.  But it's behind the door-ish when the door is open..............and he rarely goes up there...............and you really can't tell what is old stuff brought from school and what is new stuff.  Right???

And now on to my June summer purchases. {oh yes there will be more to come, Target's garden section is almost empty making way for the.............wait for it..........wait for it............SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  I did inform Husband of that last night and he said it was the most devestating news he had heard all day.}

Seriously now, on to my purchases and what I am going to do with them, well what I plan on doing with them as of right now.  You know how things change once you get back into your room.  Which brings me to another rant............our keys were taken from us like we were convicts this year!!!!!!!!  Really?!!!  We spend all this money & time doing our jobs and this is how we are treated???!!!!  {Just a side note this decision was not one of our administrators but of our CO.}  Really here are my June purchases!!

Since my days of a first year teacher I have always kept my weekly supplies in hanging file folders in a crate.  I decided it was time for a change after 11 years.  But what I am really saying is that it was getting on my ever lasting nerves.  Don't know how I feel about the colors.  It was the only way I have found 1 unit with 6 drawers.
6 drawers = 5 days & emergency plans!! {Wal-Mart}

 Floor puzzle for free choice tubs. {Tuesday Morning}

 These arrived TODAY in the mail!!!  I have had a little training back in my K years at my old school with our PT using Handwriting Without Tears {HWT}.  After having so many students still struggling with handwriting this past year I decided it was time to devoted more time perfecting this skill.  Cause you know 1st graders LOVE working on their handwriting!!! {}

 I bought 5 of these to use in Math Stations. Well technically I purchased 9.........4 are for my K pal Heather Shelton of Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten.  {Target $ section}

 SkippyJon Jones books and characters are at Kohl's right now!!  I behaved myself and only purchased the 1 book I didn't own and 1 SkippyJon for the classroom. {Kohl's}

You can never have too much money right?  {Dollar Tree} 

 At the end of the day I have the students do spot cleaning in our classroom to help instill how important it is that we take care of our stuff and our room.  That it is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves not someone elses responsibility. I have a few of these but it would go much faster with more!!  {Target $ section}

There you have it!  See I have been controlling myself...............right?

Now hop on over to Ladybug's Teacher Files to see what others have purchased in June!!


Monday, June 25, 2012


Heather Shelton over at Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten is hosting a linky!!  She is a former K pal, bathroom roommate & current friend of mine.  {I have moved to 1st and down to the complete opposite end of the hall.}

Almost all of my experiences leading up to having my own classroom was spent with 5 year olds. I THOUGHT I was prepared.  I THOUGT this is gonna be great.  I thought...........FINALLY. 

What I wish I had been told prior to teaching Kindergarten.............


At least it is for the first oh 6 weeks or so.  In all of my experiences I had never been at the very first weeks of school.  Never experienced kids who didn't know what a line was.  No one told me to start with a vocabulary exercise.  I was truly lucky to have a really great class that first year {my babies are sophomores now!!} but they WORE. ME. OUT.  I guess that is something else I wish someone would have told me.  Start preparing for the first weeks of exhaustion a few weeks before school starts.  It's such a body and mind shock after summer break. 

Take things slow, repeat yourself a lot and be patient with the loveys and they {most of them at least} will do most anything for you once you have built a relationship with them!!

I have to say that I do miss Kindergarten.  I thought that was where my home would always be.  I mean, I was sent to 1st grade kicking and screaming and biting and name calling but apparently my principal knew what she was doing {shhhh!!!  Don't tell her!!} because I absolutely LOVE 1st grade now!!!  (Yes Shelton I not only did I just put that in print.........I said it outloud.}

And yes I do secretly smile to myself during the first days of school when I walk down the hall with my kiddos and they are walking quietly in line, thanks to my K pals, and not roaming like cats!


Thursday, June 21, 2012



I have totally been M.I.A. since our state testing and even though we have been out of school for oh.....shoot it's summer break I have no idea how long we have been out of school.  I do know it has been a great summer.  Hence the M.I.A. status of my blog.  So back to summer has been great.................I was a little worried since C had Nana withdrawal during Spring Break {took him till Thursday of break to be happy to be home with Momma all day}.  From day 1 of Summer Break he has been stoked to be home with Momma.  I am such a home body that he is getting a little fidgeting since he is use to 'go bye-bye' with Nana.  So we go to the library for Twos Time, to the park, and grocery store on different days so he gets to 'go bye-bye' enough to be happy.

Ok. On to education stuff.

I am trying to stay in an education mind so that I don't lose it since I'm not usin' it.  But boy it's been hard!!  I have been working on some back to school stuff but I haven't gotten to deep into it.  I am looking into getting some of Katie Wood Ray's books:

Does anyone know anything about these books?  Is one better than the other?  Are they both worth the purchase?  They look worth it but don't want them to become dust collectors.

I am presenting in about 3 weeks to 1st and 2nd grade teachers in our system.  I have been given the topic:  addition and subtraction 2nd grade Common Core make & take.  I do believe Pintrest is going to be helping me out on this one!