Monday, June 25, 2012


Heather Shelton over at Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten is hosting a linky!!  She is a former K pal, bathroom roommate & current friend of mine.  {I have moved to 1st and down to the complete opposite end of the hall.}

Almost all of my experiences leading up to having my own classroom was spent with 5 year olds. I THOUGHT I was prepared.  I THOUGT this is gonna be great.  I thought...........FINALLY. 

What I wish I had been told prior to teaching Kindergarten.............


At least it is for the first oh 6 weeks or so.  In all of my experiences I had never been at the very first weeks of school.  Never experienced kids who didn't know what a line was.  No one told me to start with a vocabulary exercise.  I was truly lucky to have a really great class that first year {my babies are sophomores now!!} but they WORE. ME. OUT.  I guess that is something else I wish someone would have told me.  Start preparing for the first weeks of exhaustion a few weeks before school starts.  It's such a body and mind shock after summer break. 

Take things slow, repeat yourself a lot and be patient with the loveys and they {most of them at least} will do most anything for you once you have built a relationship with them!!

I have to say that I do miss Kindergarten.  I thought that was where my home would always be.  I mean, I was sent to 1st grade kicking and screaming and biting and name calling but apparently my principal knew what she was doing {shhhh!!!  Don't tell her!!} because I absolutely LOVE 1st grade now!!!  (Yes Shelton I not only did I just put that in print.........I said it outloud.}

And yes I do secretly smile to myself during the first days of school when I walk down the hall with my kiddos and they are walking quietly in line, thanks to my K pals, and not roaming like cats!


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