Thursday, June 21, 2012



I have totally been M.I.A. since our state testing and even though we have been out of school for oh.....shoot it's summer break I have no idea how long we have been out of school.  I do know it has been a great summer.  Hence the M.I.A. status of my blog.  So back to summer has been great.................I was a little worried since C had Nana withdrawal during Spring Break {took him till Thursday of break to be happy to be home with Momma all day}.  From day 1 of Summer Break he has been stoked to be home with Momma.  I am such a home body that he is getting a little fidgeting since he is use to 'go bye-bye' with Nana.  So we go to the library for Twos Time, to the park, and grocery store on different days so he gets to 'go bye-bye' enough to be happy.

Ok. On to education stuff.

I am trying to stay in an education mind so that I don't lose it since I'm not usin' it.  But boy it's been hard!!  I have been working on some back to school stuff but I haven't gotten to deep into it.  I am looking into getting some of Katie Wood Ray's books:

Does anyone know anything about these books?  Is one better than the other?  Are they both worth the purchase?  They look worth it but don't want them to become dust collectors.

I am presenting in about 3 weeks to 1st and 2nd grade teachers in our system.  I have been given the topic:  addition and subtraction 2nd grade Common Core make & take.  I do believe Pintrest is going to be helping me out on this one!


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