Monday, July 30, 2012

Classroom Design

I am sitting here thinking about my what I need to do in my classroom.{cause I finally get my KEYS back TOMORROW!!!!}  Not all the paperwork icky stuff but the fun stuff.  You know what I am talking about............making it PRETTY!!!

With that being said.........

I am going to be going against what seems to be the norm in classroom design.  I may say some things that you might think "oh no she didn't!!" but these are some of my thoughts about classroom design.  Some are research based, some are from my personal experiences.  I may or may not differentiate between the two.
In a world of overwhelming sensory explosion we wonder why kids are spastic, wild animals, so unfocused.  I know that there are many other underlying factors that contribute to this epidemic that seems to be affecting so many of our students but I try to do what I can to help minimize distractions.  Oh don't think that this is a "I think I know so much, blah, blah, blah" type of post.  I don't just do this for my helps me keep my sanity as well.  I can't handle all the variety of colors & STUFF that seem to be around just filling space.   It is such NOISE in my head and on my skin that I can't take it!  AHHHHH!!!!  So with that said it's mostly for the kids.  Yeah the kids.  It's all about the kids. here is the biggie.......


If it the kids don't use it don't hang it.  If you hang it interact with it so that the kids will use it.  Once it has served it's purpose, take it down. Not saying get rid of may need it again.  And no I am not a hoarder. And I do have a lot of stuff in my room.  I was told by one of my principals that if any more furniture came into my room that it could only be traded by moving furniture out.  I was just thinking more furniture = less running.  That's how it's supposed to work right?!

Black borders on your bulletin boards make what you put on the board POP! {The Sisters}

Think about the pathways you need in your room.  This affects behavior!!  Natural is best.  Incandescant is better.  Flourescent is WORST but as you know that is usually what we have.  I am lucky to have a wall of windows, it's not good for wall space but is awesome for all the light it brings.  I rarely if ever turn my lights on.  That makes me one super happy teacher.

Over all think nature.  Live plants, fake plants.  Doesn't matter.  Classroom pets are so cool.  Our fish Bob died last year.  It was my first attempt at a class pet.  It may be my last.  I was very tramatized.  The kids were not.

Tables, chairs, floors. There are places to work everywhere and you will find my students everywhere in the room. I do draw the line that they are not to be under anything. Last year was the first year I had to make that rule though. We had a little get together last week and made the ever famous crate storage seats that are all over Pintrest. This adds to the seating/workspace in our classroom. Again I know I am adding more furniture of such but chairs are coming out of my room so it's all cool!  Funny thing............3 of us made crates and we all got black crates & did totally different seats.  The first is Mrs. Shelton of Mrs. Shelton's Kinders

 These beauties are by our very preggers 2nd grade friend.

And here are mine.  No padding as with our 2nd grade friend's & just a bubble of color.

 Ok I am off of my classroom design soapbox.  Best wishes to your classroom set up!!  I may be in heap of trouble with mine.



  1. I go with the same approach at the beginning of the year. I have lots of empty wall space that we will fill up with our anchor charts and other useful prints.
    I'm also using a lot of black in my room this year. My classroom theme is 1st Grade Rocks, love it, don't ya? ;)
    I love those little seats, but I have too many chairs as it is...

    I hope you'll visit my blog soon! :)
    First with Franklin

    1. Absolutely LOVE your theme!!! I am sending my extra chairs to storage. I figure that the seats would take up less room. Of course I may never see those chairs again so I might be kicking myself one day! {PS. I already follow you!!}

  2. LOVE your seat covers! I have plenty of chairs for desks and tables but you just gave me a great idea to place them around the room strategically for Read to Self time! THANKS!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

    1. Thanks! Another teacher at my school is using them for writing 'tables' around her room! I love that they are so multipurpose!!