Thursday, July 12, 2012

Common Core Addition & Subtraction

Fashew.  The whole presentation thing went better than I thought.  No shaking hands.  Not too many words stumbles.  Squirrels were minimal.  Questions answered.  I just hope it made sense.  It always makes sense in my head but not always in other peoples' heads. 

The majority of the information I shared during this presentation I found on blogs and Pintrest.  I referenced and linked everything I found.  {Click on the pictures to go to their origin.}  There are a couple of interactive charts that came from Picasso so if you know their orignal postings please pass on that info!!

{Just a little background..............I was asked to present for 1st & 2nd grade teachers on the mastery of addition and subtraction up to 20 to go along with Common Core 2.OA.1 and 2.OA.2.}

I started my portion of the presentation reviewing the Common Core areas in which the information I was sharing would plug into.  We also discussed throughout the day about how we must "DIG DEEPER" into Common Core so that we can dig deeper with our students.

We then moved on to vocabulary.  Linsey at The Teacher Wife created these lovely charts.  I came across them earlier last school year and they helped my students so very much.  One thing I forgot to share during my presentation was how important it is to interact with charts in the classroom for them to become truely effective.  With no interaction they just take up space. {I hung the addition chart on the right end of our classroom number line and the subtration chart on the left end.  You know because you go right when you add and left when you subtract.}

Here are a few more charts that we discussed {from Picasso}.


Melissa over at F is for First Grade has a wonderful post about equations!!

While working on this presentation I came across some information on Daily 5 Math.  I decided that since I do Daily 5 in my classroom and I was really UNHAPPY with the way math went last year that I would create my own Daily 5 Math so to speak.  So this is what came next in my presentation. {Inspired by Renee at The Reading Corner}
Math with Someone
Math by Myself
Math Writing
Math Work

Students will work with partners playing games that help strengthen their math skills. 
The list could go on and on.  Debbie Dillard's Math Stations book is AMAZING for activities to use for Daily 4 Math!
Differientation is KEY here!!  Because the students are working on their own they are still CHOOSING what to do {which is very important} but you are able to guide their choices to fit their skill level!
This is very important for the students to learn to do.  With constructive response testing starting in 3rd grade, Math Writing is laying the ground work!!

There you have it.  That is the majority of what I presented.  I hope that you are just as inspired to try something new in your classroom as I was by Renee!!

I am very excited about starting Daily 4 Math!!  I hope that it works out better than math did last year!



  1. I love those charts!! That would be so helpful for my students. I definitely want to make them!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Thanks so much Heather!!!
    I am giddy right now...nice to know other people are interested!!

    I will post more on my Daily 5 Math this summer!!

    Thanks again for mentioning me!!!!


    The Reading Corner

  3. Thanks for the visuals. I am inspired to start a Daily 5 in Math now.

    Cialini Chat

  4. Love your info on Daily 5 for math. I'm going full speed ahead for daily 5 in reading this year. I'm going to have to plan a visit to your room this year. Can't wait for the meet up in a couple of weeks.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  5. This is an awesome blog post! Lots of teachers in my building have been talking about trying to incorporate a Daily 5 Math-type program into our routines.

    Your charts are great, too! I will be re-organizing my room a bit over Christmas break and getting it ready for the second half of the year...some of these charts will be a great addition to my math spaces! Thank you!

    -Alisha Colon
    First Grade Follies

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