Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the beginning......

I went into my classroom this morning and was in such furniture shock that I immediately text my brother & sis-in-law for HELP.  Long story short I exchanged kids {C for my brother} with my sis-in-law and headed to Pals to 'pay' for my brother's help and then STRAIGHT to SCHOOL!!!

My furniture was so spastically thrown in the room we had to move furniture to be able to move furniture to move furniture!!  AHHHHH!!!!

After my brother's cell phone dies, he visits my 2nd grade buddy's room twice & repaired her bumble bee, bounced a ball off my word wall thousands of times, I FINALLY finished thinking about where stuff went & moved stuff around.  Oh and I also lost my debit card & sent him back to town to find it.  After calling and telling me it wasn't in the parking lot where we switched drivers he suggested that I call the bank & see if any charges have been made to it.  So I called the bank & said at least 14 non-sentences to the bank lady {I am AWESOME at non-sentences} while apparently I was going in and out of signal and it was then that my brother text me and said the glorious words, and I quote, "Found it." It was in my car.  I looked there & he looked there.  There is NO way he found it in my car.  I tore it apart!!  Apparently it was standing on its side between my seat and the thing between my front seats.  {I hope Husband just skims this part of the post or I am in DEEP doo doo again!!!}

But anyWHO I was talking classroom right?

So here is what the room looked like we I finally got so frustrated with Big Momma I had to leave.  Of course that meant that I totally ate myself STUPID at Amigos with the fam.

After loading these photos I realize they don't look much different from the first ones.  Oh well.  I will try again Monday.  It's fast approaching my birthday weekend and I all boycott all school stuff during my birthday weekend.  Oh well exceptt the fact that it is tax free weekend so there will be back to school clothes shopping!! {and maybe a little bit of school supplies purchases}

Happy shopping!!


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  1. Oh, my! You had a day to remember! Your room looks so big and I love your windows. Your crate seats rock!