Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Math to Come {addition & subtraction}


Yup that is the magic number.  {Technically it is 36 but who needs technically, right?}

I was expecting a good solid number, you know like, 7.  I was ready for 7.  10 even sounded good.  But that is not what I got. 

That is how many 1st & 2nd grade teachers are coming to the SD tomorrow that I am presenting at.  Oh and did I mention it is my first one ever.  EVER.  and it's in MATH.  Not just any old math. 2nd grade math.

So the plan is all laid out.  Notes done.  Supplies organized.  Charts completed.  Yup.....I am ready.

Those were all lies.  Lies I tell you.  Lies.

Well I'm off to take this 2nd grade Common Core addition and subtraction down baby!!!


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