Saturday, September 22, 2012

Word Work


Seems like there are hundreds of possibilities for Word Work.  Some of the first activities that I have the students work on during Word Work is working on their spelling words with wiki sticks {bendaroos}, links, & clay.  They are also doing Rainbow Words {using 3 crayons to write their spelling words on top of each other to create a rainbow} & Bumpy Words {using the bumpy shelf liner under their paper to write their words with crayons} this week. 

During Word Work the kiddos not only work on their spelling words they also work on the spelling patterns of the week {Treasures Reading Series} and High Frequency Words.  Last year I had a huge list of Word Work activities for the students to choose from.  TOO MUCH!!  This year I am limiting their choices so that I can switch items out to help keep them on their toesies!  The BEST thing about Daily 5 is the free choice that students have.  I love the way it provides them with the opportunity for students to have a sense of control of their learning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unresolved Piles

They are here, there, EVERYWHERE!!!  I can't seem to find time to deal with the PILES in my classroom.  Could it be all the meetings during planning, 4323897 phone calls throughout the day, SAT10 testing 3 days this week, school pictures, RTI, benchmark testing, DEA testing, midterms..............I could go on & on & on & on & on!

Where is the balance in all of this?  How do you add time to the day?  HOW DO YOU GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PILES??!!  I mean they just multiply like rabbits on fertility drugs.  One day they will.......................GO AWAY {I am hearing all the guys from Big Bang tell Sheldon this while I type, did you see that episode?}

On top of the first day of state testing & school pictures it RAINED ALL DAY.  So since it was such a crazy day @ school I decided it was FORT time at home.  So I leave you with a few pictures of the fun  Wee One and I had "workn"!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts & Photos

This year's back to school has been topsy turvey to put it mildly.  We are deep into our 4th week back and I feel like things are just starting to fall into place.  I am not talking about routines & procedures.  I am talking about classroom organization, grade level, school wide stuff.  I have never felt so scattered or disorganized as I have during the last month.  But things are finally looking up!! Whoop Whoop!!!

The first 5 photos are pre-kids, pre-Open House.  Room furniture lay out complete but the classroom is no where near ready.

Our school wide 3 behaviors to strive towards.  We brainstormed during the first week of school on what those behaviors look like & sound like.
The students picked 3 illustrators from our class who show the most details in their drawings to illustrate 3 ways to Read.

The Snapshots of our 1st grade classroom.  The students drew their favorite part of our 1st grade classroom in the camera lense.

This was such an AH HA moment for the kids this year!!

Pictures taken today of my little readers building their stamina.  It is a 3 steps forward 2 steps back type of process this year but we have made it up to 5 minutes of Read to Self just today!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching & Excuses

I have been toying with the idea of Whole Brain Teaching for a while.  I have spent hours recently with my BFF Google researching WBT.  What I have found BLOWS. MY. MIND.  So I dove in last week.  We have learned the 5 rules, hands and eyes, & Mirror.   I can't wait to get in deeper into this!! 

This weekend, I really wanted to post all of the crazy pictures that I have taken since school started way back on August 14th but as luck would have it my camera is locked away at school & I just couldn't bring myself to go there this weekend.  So I have devised a new plan.  You ready for it? {insert Jeopardy theme song here} I will post them on Tuesday night.  That is really the plan.  Maybe recording it somewhere other than my head will be more effective than it has been in the past.  Who knows really.

I have loved reading about how others have started their year though.  I wish I could read my Google Reader more frequently but due to toddler and sleep restraints that hasn't happened.  Because of those things I will be posting lots of pictures with very short descriptions.  It will be a fun game of guess why this picture was taken. {Which EVERYBODY loves right?}