Saturday, September 22, 2012

Word Work


Seems like there are hundreds of possibilities for Word Work.  Some of the first activities that I have the students work on during Word Work is working on their spelling words with wiki sticks {bendaroos}, links, & clay.  They are also doing Rainbow Words {using 3 crayons to write their spelling words on top of each other to create a rainbow} & Bumpy Words {using the bumpy shelf liner under their paper to write their words with crayons} this week. 

During Word Work the kiddos not only work on their spelling words they also work on the spelling patterns of the week {Treasures Reading Series} and High Frequency Words.  Last year I had a huge list of Word Work activities for the students to choose from.  TOO MUCH!!  This year I am limiting their choices so that I can switch items out to help keep them on their toesies!  The BEST thing about Daily 5 is the free choice that students have.  I love the way it provides them with the opportunity for students to have a sense of control of their learning.

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  1. I agree, there are so many activities to use for word work. My favorite is punch printing words. I also change mine out to keep the students engaged.