Monday, December 31, 2012

Rut. Stale. Moldy.

Have you ever felt that way?

You know when you are online and Foxfire/IE/Chrome just freezes up, you automatically hit the refresh button.  Everything on your page is freshly loaded, moving smoothly with everything in it's place.  

Sometimes I wish we had a refresh button in life.  Don't you?  

That's why breaks are so important.  It's like a mini refresh button.  {at least that is what they are suppose to be..........right?}  Even with all the projects, school & home, that we set for ourselves; homework given by our principals; family activities to attend; it's good just to be home!

Thank goodness for our mini breaks that refresh us!!

Back to school in 2 days!!  I hope to get all my homework done, since I haven't started yet.........


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Daily 5 Math.......Math By Myself

This year's Daily 5 board that includes the math options.

One of the storage areas for Daily 5 Math.

 Build an Equation

 Number Puzzles

Building Tallies

Most of the game ideas {if not all of them} came from Renee over at The Reading Corner!!!

Doing Daily 5 Math this year has worked wonders for my students' math comprehension.  We start our math block {system required 90 uninterrupted minutes, which means they want straight math with no bouncing back & forth between math and RLA} with the Topic of the day from the Envision math series.  The Topic lessons usually last 45 minutes, which allows for Whole Group: I Do, We Do, You Do.  The students are then dismissed to their seats for independent practice while I work with a small group of students at the horseshoe table.  We then meet back at the carpet to begin Daily 5 Math.  We follow the procedures of Daily 5 with mini lesson then the student's choice. Do to the nature of my students this year we are still doing everything at the same time {ex. every student is doing Math Writing at the same time}.   I have just started of few of my students {with the best self control and stamina} with free choice.  Don't get me wrong........they do have the choice of what they are going to do in each section, we just don't have multiple sections going on at the same time.  Implementation of mixed sections is going so slow...........wish me luck.