Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Estimation & Measuring

The kiddos had a blast today with an estimate the height & length, run through the room & bathroom, yelling at each other what they figured out, activity!!

Before Spring Break, I had the kids decorate a foot that is actually a foot {long} to do this activity but we ran out of time for the activity.  They thought it was cool enough that they got to 'decorate' the foot..........they had no idea of the fun to come!!

Here they are hard at play work.


Saturday, April 6, 2013


Things have been absolutely crazy around here!! With stomach bugs, flu, {what us Tennesseans call} the crud, chest colds, oh how I could go on.  You would think I was talking about my classroom but nope that is just me & Wee One.  Husband currently has the crud but he is on the road so no germs spreading here!!

I can't believe it is already Saturday of Spring Break.  I can truthfully say that Wee One & I have done a whole bunch of NOTHING!! It has been soooooo wonderful!!! Cause you know how I love not to go anywhere. Oh & it is finally warming up so we got to play outside some too!!!

On to the count down to the end of the year........
          ~ 3 days: the School board visits our school
          ~ 13 days: TCAPs {state testing} begins.......K-2 takes the Stanford 10.......3 to 4 days worth
          ~ 23 days: final field trip
          ~ 35 days: last day of school.........this includes 3 workdays with no students

This is before all of the end of the year programs, field days, meetings, DEA testing, permanent records, etc is added to create total chaos.  Don't you just LOVE the end of the school year?!  I do believe it is as CRAZY as the beginning!!